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In house colour solution for your Film


Colour can create depth, establish a rhythm, and elevate a transformative story. We are home to the world’s top colourists who enrich narratives and craft unforgettable experiences through the powerful language of colour.

A colour grading service

Eleven FX has a highly professional team of talented colourists that will transform your product into a visual masterpiece. We are capable of creating infinite styles and moods to meet your exact vision.

At Eleven FX we work on commercials, documentaries, short films feature films and music videos.


Crafted by our colourists using the visual language of storytelling through colour. In the Grading Theater, we use Davinci Resolve Studio and state of the art equipment, including colour critical monitoring and Resolve panels.
We’re New Zealand based and have an international focus on doing remote colour grading sessions with global clients, some of which are situated in New Zealand, Australia and India.

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