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Auckland, New Zealand


Job description

We’re building our media team and are looking for experienced, attentive, and reliable individuals who can partner with our media team. The position of Gaffer is the combination of an artistic eye and understanding lighting equipment inside and out to bring the cinematographer’s vision to life, while maintaining a safe working environment.


  • Follow the specific directions of the cinematographer.

  • Accomplish various rigging setups and know when to use them.

  • Setting various lights and c - stands up safely.

  • Prep gear from gear lists.

  • Manage the grip & electric gear that is needed for each shoot.

  • Carry out the cinematographers vision and interpret mood lighting.

  • Maintain a safe working environment.

  • Manage a team of grips to help with the setup of lights if need be.

  • Assist with gear rental process.

Desired skills

  • Demonstrates technical understanding of lighting.

  • Knows various lighting techniques.

  • Experience in a large number of different types of lighting equipment.

  • Excellent problem solving abilities to accomplish the vision of the cinematographer.

  • Working knowledge with larger HMI's, generators, balancing power loads.

  • DMX lighting control and programming.

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